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Blue City Red Hook Workshop - Developing New York's Floating Community

With the aim of creating the first floating community city in New York, this workshop enabled public, private and community stakeholders to take part in the idea generation process. The workshop functioned as a opportunity to learn more about the entire project, as well as connecting with relevant partners in five different tracks that will shape the Blue City famework.

The need for floating communities will be evident in the near future. Certain dense urbam areas will be flooded as a result of rising sea levels. Thus, it is necessary to look for alternative ways of living. The Blue City in Red Hook is a concrete example of this.

Through the 5 different tracks; Clean technologies and materials, Ecosystem restoration and food production, Water management, Education and training, and Economics & Governance, working-groups were established through which stakeholders will continue to shape the future framework of Blue City.

Follow this link to see slides from workshop.

Organized by

RETI Center, GBX, Oasis, Space&Matter, One Architecture, Pratt Institute, Thread Collective and NY Blue Tech.

Space for the workshop is generously donated by STUDIO 153


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