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Launch of NY Blue Tech: Workshop - Smart Cities NYC ‘17

NY BlueTech Panel Discussion & Brooklyn Grange Tour

NY BlueTech Panel Overview:

The “NY BlueTech” panel discussion, led by industry experts at the local and international level, will take a deep dive into current innovative water initiatives and the sustainable water management. Sustainable water management promotes increased operational efficiency of urban water systems, enhanced livability for our communities, and resiliency against climate change, improved land use practices, and greater protection of public health. Specific focus areas will include stormwater management, flood protection, wastewater treatment and associated technologies, policy, and partnerships to bring global innovators together and promote new, cross-sectoral approaches to water management in New York and in the world’s urban areas.

The mission of NY BlueTech is to develop, adapt, import and export sustainable water management ideas and technologies through coordination across government, private sector, non-profit and academic leaders. The NY BlueTech Panel is intended to start the conversation about why New York City should strive to become a center for the incubation and deployment of sustainable water management technologies by bringing together water experts from multiple sectors of the water industry to discuss prominent water management topics, opportunities and challenges.

Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm Tour:

Brooklyn Grange is the leading rooftop farming and intensive green roofing business in the US. Operating the world’s largest rooftop soil farms, located on two roofs in New York City, and growing over 50,000 lbs of organically-cultivated produce per year. Brooklyn Grange also operates an apiary, keeping bees in over 30 naturally-managed honey bee hives, on roofs dispersed throughout NYC.

In addition to growing and distributing fresh local vegetables and herbs, Brooklyn Grange also hosts events and educational programming, provides urban farming and green roof consulting and installation services to clients worldwide, and partners with numerous non-profit organizations throughout New York to promote healthy and strong local communities. As a DEP 2011 Green Infrastructure Grant Program recipient, Brooklyn Grange manages over one million gallons of stormwater per year and is an exemplary example of innovative water management!

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