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Conference @2nd International Resource Recovery Conference

NY Blue Tech co-founder Klaus Lehn Christensen participated on the 2nd International Resource Recovery Conference by giving a workshop on "The Pathway to Establish the NY Blue Tech Hub".

For NY Blue Tech's establishment, the co-founding members of the network conducted a due diligence research study to identify the challenges of the NY water sector based on two studies:

Study 1 -- Columbia University, MPA-ESP Program, focused on: policy and funding

Study 2 -- NYU Tandon, Spike Fellowship, focused on: technology

Defined challenges & Opportunities unique to NYC water sector:

  • How to incentivize water tech business in NYC

  • Ensure supply of safe clean drinking water

  • Boost resilience in the face of severe weather events

  • Reduce negative environmental impacts

  • Create workforce development in the water sector via increased business activity

  • Strengthen communities through workforce development

NY Blue Tech’s research discovered the following key findings in technology and Innovation:

  • Integrated water management approach to counter fragmentation in the NY water sector

  • Align innovation efforts around key public policies & challenges

  • Key sectors:

  • Stormwater management

  • Wastewater management

  • Integrated water management will create clarity for investment

NY Blue Tech’s technology matrix:

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