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What is NY Blue Tech?

NY Blue Tech is New York’s first water sector network that is international and interdisciplinary. The network consists of more than 60 professionals with a passion for urban water and includes engineers, urban planners, architects, and researchers.


The network advocates for Integrated Water Management to overcome detrimental compartmentalization of the water sector by focusing on the entire water cycle from upstream to downstream.

Current Steering Group

The Story of Water in NYC


New York’s water sector finds itself in an exciting

state of transition. Aging infrastructure is being revitalized and expanded in alignment with the city’s growth, while water asset stakeholders are engaging with outside sectors to deliver more holistic solutions, better integrated within the city. The result: Water system development not only geared for the challenges of today’s New York but safeguarded against uncertainties of the future.

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Meet The Members

Current Steering Group

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We are a voluntary network for practitioners and enthusiasts in the New York water sector. Through monthly meet-ups and public programs we seek to discuss and present solutions to the challenges of the New York water sector, and beyond.

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